Who We Are

CodeTrik Nigeria Enterprises is a leading Nigerian company in the design and deployment of scaleable solar solutions for home, businesses and communities. We are involved in the design, development, deployment, sales and maintenance of renewable energy solutions. We deliver quality services ranging from solar-powered products, energy utilization and management for our clients.

Reduce your energy expenditures

Are you tired of spending a fortune for grid power? We can help. Solar energy used to be the wave of the future. Now, it's a recognized alternative. Solar energy technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the last thirty years, becoming more affordable than ever. Imagine never having to pay another electricity bill again! By harnessing the sun’s energy and converting it to electricity, you can offset your business electricity costs for life.


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Our Services

Solution for Homes

Secure your home against unpredictable grid outages with reliable backup power. Installing a solar system results in a significant reduction in your electricity generation or maintenance cost.

Solution for Businesses

Gain energy independence and reduce diesel generator costs by leveraging on a grid-tied or complete off-grid solar solutions for your business. Installing a solar system guarantees a lifelong and permanent source of your own free power station, with no fluctuation in supply or price. You can run any heavy machinery with the appropriate solar power plant configuration.

Solution for Communities

With the adverse effect of global climatic change and other degradation effects on our society at large, renewable energy development has come to play a key role in how we harness energy and also provides a safe and healthy environment for all and sundry. Solar Energy system guarantees energy reliability, as it is not affected by geopolitical issues like labour strike in plant or unpredictable electricity costs etc. Solar is pure, clean, without noise and almost zero maintenance.

The goal is not to just save you a few bucks on your electric bill, it is to offer you a clear path to eliminating your utility bill completely!